Household Wireless Internet Connectivity

Many modern household electronics, such as smartphones, televisions, computers and video game consoles can connect to the Internet. Once you have a high-speed Internet provider, such as Bronberg WISP, you can connect the devices wirelessly so that they connect to the internet from any room. With speeds of up to 10Mbps and packages to suit all needs, you can turn your home into the wireless hub of the neighbourhood. 

Installation costs are standardized to R3150,00 which includes the following:

  •  Ubiquity 5.8 GHz Power Beam Access Point and Installation
  • Mikrotik RB951 Router

These are standard equipment pieces that are used and are subject to change once a site survey has been done. For more information about the process of getting a quote or booking a site survey, please be re-directed to our “Get Connected” document or phone into our 24 hour dedicated call centre on 012 940 8234. Want to skip the reading and save on those calls? Lets us know about your needs through our contact form, where we will get back to you as soon as it has landed in our hands.

Bronberg WISP strives for client satisfaction and will have your installation booked and carried out within 2-3 days (if not sooner!) from the day that the quotation has been accepted. No more long waiting times and constant phone calls. Getting connected, has never been so simple.

If the words “wi-fi”, “bandwidth” or “link speeds” is a little overwhelming, let us help you through the process and get you connected. Take a look and chat to one of our technicians live in the bottom right of this window, we are here to help you, every step of the way. Find our price sheets below:

for all queries regarding package upgrade or downgrade, e-mail: