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Who Is Bronberg WISP?:

Bronberg WISP offers a wide range of technology driven and IT related products at market related prices. We are always striving to think out of the box, and to bring new and fresh ideas to the table at the best possible prices.

Bronberg WISP, trading under La Rochelle IT solutions, was founded in 2002, with one goal in mind – to provide home users and corporates with uninterrupted, high speed wireless or wired internet connectivity. Through careful planning, we attracted many clients and look forward to many more joining. We believe that through quality service and customer satisfaction, loyalty will encourage new members to join us.  Positive referrals are our best ally so we will service your needs so that our business relationship is a rewarding and exemplary one.  We grow mainly by word of mouth and referrals from happy and satisfied clients.

We are enthusiastic in assisting all our clients to maximize their internet experience by providing comprehensive solutions to meet all their Internet needs along with the proficiency and expertise to successfully execute their online missions.

Below we have mentioned a few of the brands we primarily deal with when setting up your experiences for your perusal. For clarification of this presentation or any part thereof, please do not hesitate to contact us